Raw Faith

By: Kasey Van Norman

“The words on these pages are intended to leave all coddling behind and wake you up to a desperate hunger for God’s glory in all things—even suffering. For too much of my Christian life, I settled for a pacifier kind of faith—soothing, perhaps, but ultimately wimpy and insubstantial. Instead of being all consumed by a faith that wrecked me into submission before a terrifyingly magnificent Creator, I tried to fill my deep cravings with spiritual fluff. It took God punching me in the gut with cancer to shake off my Christian anesthesia and wake me up from my “playing church” coma.

For his glory and for my good, the sovereign Lord rubbed against my wound until I was nothing but a bloody, raw mess. He wanted to show me that true faith—a faith that brings me freedom and real se curity—requires me to see the world through a different filter. I need to see God not just as a tender, gentle, easy-blessings kind of God. He’s also the God who takes us into the difficult trenches of pain, suffering, and trials to mold us into his valiant warriors.

I daresay that God has brought you to these pages so he might do the same with you: pick a fight.” – Kasey

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