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His Staying is all that is Necessary

John 8 tells the story of a woman “caught in the act of adultery” by the Pharisees. Already you know this woman is at the end of herself, yes, because she had been caught (which must have been horrible in and of itself), but also because she carried so much shame and fear that she […]

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If Jesus Had a Mission Statement (new podcast)

Kasey talks the true mission of Jesus (Luke 4:16-21) and how this shatters all of our rules, fixes, self-help therapies and to-do lists. In this podcast Kasey teaches how ‘rules make us comfortable,’ while ‘grace makes us truly uncomfortable.’ She challenges and inspires us to be radically gripped by honest vulnerability that levels the playing […]

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Work Through Your Story

  Instant download of the Named By God sessions at THE HUB! DOWNLOAD NOW  Kasey invites you to join her on a six-week journey of total spiritual transformation. This interactive study will equip you to move beyond past hurts, bring power into your present circumstances, and ignite a victorious faith for your future. Whatever season […]


and this is freedom… {video blog}

A few words for you today on how God uses all of the pretty and painful moments in our life to press us deeper into his grace which leads to freedom. {you can view Kasey’s video channel here + subscribe to receive an update when we post new teaching resources}.