Kasey’s Christmas Bundle

Give the gift of hope & inspiration! Kasey’s Christmas Bundle includes: Named By God book, Named By God study workbook, Raw Faith book, & Raw Faith study workbook. December 10th – 20th get all 4 pieces for only 39.95! (tax […]

I Killed my Elf on the Shelf

It’s okay. You can say it—I’m an elf-murderer. {I can almost hear the collective gasps from all ‘marshmallow-buying,’ ‘pinterest-popping,’ ‘shelf-scheming,’ moms around the world}. I first met “Jingle,” our elf on the shelf, Christmas 2012.  […]

When People-Pleasing was my Spiritual Gift

This is me. This is me experiencing a moment of pure, unfiltered freedom.  I love this picture because you can actually see the goodness of freedom all over me.  And yes, this is a donut […]

“Move on” Book Giveaway (new from Vicki Courtney)

When I come across anything (book, sermon, blog, or hard conversation) that calls me out on my junk–I’m in. Now I haven’t always been this girl. Mostly, I was the Christian-faker. I could “play church” […]